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End time for Isha prayer

     One of Hanbali scholars Ibn Qudama in his book "al-Mughni," said: "The right thing, is not to delay  Isha prayers till the first third of the night. Isha prayer is permissible to be delayed until midnight. After midnight, it is necessity time. (only when there is necessity you can delay it till that time) The verdict ruling of Isha prayer time is like the verdict ruling of the delay of asr prayer. If we take into account the above-mentioned period of time, we can say that the end time of isha prayer is second fajr. "

        From Shafii mazhab, Imam Nawawi, in his book "al-Macmu" said: "The preferable opinion is that if the arbitrary time passes, it will be permissible time, and it lasts till the second fajr. This is what our mazhab. "

     According to an opinion in the Maliki school, the prohibition is from delaying the prayer beyond the first half of the night, rather than just the first third.

   From Hanafis al-Kasani in his book "Badaius-Sanaii" said: "For us (ie the Hanafi sect) fajru Sadiga is the last time for Isha prayer."

         Taking into account the views of the scientists about Isha prayer, we see that the last time is at midnight. That is the right thing.

As to how this is counted in the first half of the evening will be as follows:                                                                          Now, let’s regard 19: 00 for the start time of Isha prayer, 06: 24 for morning prayer. It becomes 11 hours, 24 minutes between the two prayer's times. Meanwhile, remaining time will be divided in 5 hours 42 accurate. If we add the time of 5 hours and 42 minutes onto the Isha prayer start time, we will reach the final time. So Isha prayer’s arbitrary time is 00: 42-dir. You can calculate it according to your own country.